Quick Appendix to The Vinyl Pause FAQ

Thank you! I’m very thankful to everyone I know and don’t know for sharing the Vinyl Pause of 2020 FAQ I wrote in a fit of grief and frustration a week or so ago. (If you’re reading this now and have no idea what I’m talking about, I recommend reading the above link first.) IContinue reading “Quick Appendix to The Vinyl Pause FAQ”

The Vinyl Pause of 2020: FAQ in progress

The Vinyl Pause of 2020: FAQ in progress If you don’t care about vinyl, the music medium, at all — no judgment — you’ll want to skip this post. You’re welcome. Yes, I heard about the Apollo Masters fire on Friday. Yes, this is really really bad news for vinyl lovers, especially those who buyContinue reading “The Vinyl Pause of 2020: FAQ in progress”