Depth First #1: Orbital – “Chime” (1989)

A deep dive into Orbital’s first ever commercially released song “Chime” from 1989. This blog entry goes into its history and legacy, And it considers why the song came to be what it is.

Vern Rumsey 1973 -> 1991 -> 2091

When I first heard Unwound’s “Kandy Korn Rituals” single in 1992, I finally heard a band that did everything I wanted a rock band to do in one song. Energy, anger, beauty, feedback, high tempo, texture and melancholy could easily be heard in any number of late 80s and early 90s alternative/underground rock bands, butContinue reading “Vern Rumsey 1973 -> 1991 -> 2091”

Quick Appendix to The Vinyl Pause FAQ

Thank you! I’m very thankful to everyone I know and don’t know for sharing the Vinyl Pause of 2020 FAQ I wrote in a fit of grief and frustration a week or so ago. (If you’re reading this now and have no idea what I’m talking about, I recommend reading the above link first.) IContinue reading “Quick Appendix to The Vinyl Pause FAQ”

The Vinyl Pause of 2020: FAQ in progress

The Vinyl Pause of 2020: FAQ in progress If you don’t care about vinyl, the music medium, at all — no judgment — you’ll want to skip this post. You’re welcome. Yes, I heard about the Apollo Masters fire on Friday. Yes, this is really really bad news for vinyl lovers, especially those who buyContinue reading “The Vinyl Pause of 2020: FAQ in progress”